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Dipforge is an Open Source Application server focused on Rapid Enterprise Development. This means that it is a platform focused on enabling enterprises to rapidly develop solutions that suite their requirements without having to focus on how they solve their problems. It focuses on method over configuration, this means that it supplies a common way of developing  solutions rather than gluing complex components together to form a solution.

It provides a Web Based IDE which enables developers to collaborate on solutions and work together more effectively. This also means that rather than maintaining multiple complex development environments on developers personal PC’s only one complex environment need be maintained and developers than access the environment via their browsers. This drastically reduces complexity.

The Rapid Development technology is built around a dynamic typing engine (based on RDF which is a standard for defining graphing data and semantic information) and an enterprise service bus. The dynamic typing engine provides a mechanism to define the common types that will be used throughout the solutions. This means that all systems talk the same language to each other without the need for complex translation systems. The typing system also supplies the means to change the types on the fly without the need to re-compile any affected areas. This removes the dread re-deploy process that plagues traditional enterprise development.

The enterprise service bus acts as the glue within the system and is powered by the dynamic typing engine. Changes to data result in the ESB executing the appropriate business process to handle the action. The business processes are defined in a custom programming language (domain specific language or dsl) this enables developers to write code rather than have to work with clunky drag and drop environments or complex XML than hinder development.

All of this means that out the box Dipforge supplies all the plumbing required implement complex solutions for the enterprise. As a result developers can focus their valuable time on what is required rather than how to do it.

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